Private Labels


We are constantly searching for new challenges and opportunities in the market. We test and work on ideas for developing new market segments with growth potential. Our experience has helped us to understand both the IT&C market and the end-user needs.

Developing our own brands as a business direction comes from the desire to use the expertise that we have for the benefit of consumers. The success of NOD’s private labes among the end-customers in the region confirms the constant efforts of NOD team to develop quality products on these niches.

The complete range of household appliances meets the everyday needs of every home, synchronizing our technological requirements with the comfort of our customers. The possibilities are endless. The products are characterized by a compact and ergonomic design, complemented by multiple functions for ease, efficiency and comfort in use.

Launched in 2011, with small appliances and a range of 30 products, HEINNER has maintained continuous product development, currently reaching more than 300 products. HEINNER covers all types of small and large appliances from mixers, kitchen robots, vacuum cleaners, irons to refrigerators, washing machines, cookers and hoods, as well as the extensive range of air conditioning and heating.

Brand launched in 2016, HEINNER Home includes a range of various textiles for kitchen, decorative textiles, bed linen, stools and carpets. HEINNER Home offers inspiration for every home, in a variety of colors, textures and models, accessories and functional solutions.

HEINNER Home is based on simplicity, refinement and quality so as to satisfy even the most demanding tastes, while maintaining affordable prices.

HORIZON was launched in 2005, fast climbing the top of CRT & LED monitor sales locally and occupying the third position after LG & Samsung by promoting quality products and services, such as the standard already recognizable among users “0 pixels dead, 0 subpixels “.

Since 2011, the HORIZON brand has entered the Consumer Electronics market (TVs, tablets, Hi-Fi audio / video), currently reaching more than 100 active products. Over the last 3 years, we sell on average more than 100.000 TVs annually.

The new ACUSTICO Hi-Fi audio line, launched in 2018, complements the picture with a perfectly tuned audio line to surprise with fresh design and exceptional sound quality: soundbars, microsystems, speakers or radio clocks in various combinations , colors and materials.

Momki started distribution in 2014, with brands such as Golden Bear, Go Mini and JCB, IMC (Teutans and Disney Licenses), Vivid Imagination (Magic Box), Magic Box (Zomlings). Since 2015 we are the official distributor of Mondo, as well as the official distributor of Jakks Pacific in Romania. In 2016 we became distributors of Zuru Hamsters in a house, expanding our cooperation with Zanzoon.

In addition to a wide range of articles including travel games, board games, family games and intelligence games, we have developed a toy line that develops thinking, intuition, driving skills, and last but not least, children’s imagination from games (Minions, Smurfs, Elena from Avalor, Tomy, PJ Masks, Zomlings, My First JCB, Go Mini, Rescue Hospital, Teutans, Sweet Care Spa, Disney, Avenir).

Created in 1972, reinvented in 2012. It started with a bicycle frame built in a weapon factory in Zarnesti. 20 years later an independent project brought back the Pegasus brand and the old bike in a new form.

Whatever the destination is, Pegas bikes give you the opportunity to turn any road into a true two-wheel experience combining the freedom to choose the difficulty of the road with a higher efficiency note

Pegas comes as a contemporary result of today’s demands. Developed solutions are the improvement of one type of transport and at the same time a form of movement that has continuously aroused people’s interest, from its invention to the present.

Serioux combines new technologies with modern design and advanced features. The brand evolves constantly by gaining stability and strength by increasing market share and expanding the range of IT peripherals: keyboards, speakers, GPS, power bank, UPS, TV stands, connectors etc., currently having more than 400 active products. According to market studies, Serioux GPSs are best sold in the Romanian market, occupying the number 1 as number of units sold.

From 2016 we have developed a range of products dedicated to gaming zone: chairs, mice, keyboards, headphones and other accessories. The service is pick-up & return system that brings comfort to customers.

It’s part of your family. U-Grow is the perfect combination of comfort, utility, ergonomics and functionality to provide everything you need for the proper growth of children.

The U-Grow brand was born as a response to a need (or more). The need for safety! The need for quality, the certainty that parents will be able to raise their healthy children in a simpler, contemporary way.

We rely on the technology behind our products, just to keep up with the evolution. Our products are designed by parents for children, representing a standard in the category of products dedicated to puericulture. The products are ideal, easy to use, durable and safe. What is very important to us is also for our customers.