About us


Since 2011, NETWORK ONE DISTRIBUTION operates a modern warehouse, class A, with over 11.000 m2 , located near the capital , with direct access to the A1 highway, and from 2016 is supporting partners with a secondary warehouse of 5,000 m2.

On both NOD warehouses there are over 7,000 products and 90 brands, representing all NOD portfolio of products and categories for own brands.

The first warehouse includes many features, from specific technological equipment and last generation systems to office spaces and parking lot for cars and trucks. Inside the warehouse, supervised by a WMS system, it’s built a P + 3 platform dedicated to small, medium and high-turnover products, to optimize both the time of serving orders and the storage space. The second warehouse includes products from the following classes: refrigerator, hood, cooker, built in, washing and microwave oven.

The NETWORK ONE DISTRIBUTION business model involves the delivery of ordered goods, by the partner, in 24 hours. For us it is extremely important that goods reach their final destination in optimum quality conditions and safety conditions. As proof, NETWORK ONE DISTRIBUTION is a company known on the market as the most reliable distributor, with an insignificant error rate in delivering orders to partners - under 0.03 %.