About us

Vision, Mission & Values

The NOD VISION is to become TOP OF MIND, first option when one partner thinks of the electro-IT market in Romania, whether it's an existing customer, a new customer or a potential customer.

Currently, the distribution market is changing, so our mission is to show to all our partners that they can keep up with the support of NETWORK ONE DISTRIBUTION.

Values we believe in



We know that through everything we do we build trust, and trust is about fulfilled promises – projects delivered when needed and at the required quality. Our customers and partners motivate us to be better everyday.

<strong>OUR TEAM</strong>


We know that each of us has a clear role in this business, but we believe that only together we make the difference. The NOD large number of specialists allows us to be dynamic and the expertise that we have in the electro-IT differentiates us in the relationship with our partners.



We believe that the fastness with whom we do our job is measured by the number of happy partners and fulfilled missions.



We believe that to perform each day we have to understand the client needs and to adapt to every situation with maturity and an open mind. The exposure to unusual situations in the local ongoing development market helped us understand the distribution industry and we developed the ability to provide appropriate solutions through the most effective channels at the right time.